An Environmentally Responsible Contractor

 Sustainable Renovations is your full service, reliable commercial and residential general contractor.

If you need help with anything to do with your commercial space or your home, give us a call, we are looking forward to seeing your project and providing a detailed quotation to complete the project.

Sustainable Renovations is focused on bringing our customers a sustainable construction process and a durable renovation. A great amount of pollution is generated from the construction and use of buildings. Sustainable Renovations will help reduce this pollution throught the use of The Seven Principles of Sustainable Construction.

The Seven Principles of Sustainable Construction:

  1. Reduce resource consumption - Accurate estimating, and responsible waste management
  2. Reuse resources - Reusing as much existing material removed for new construction
  3. Use recyclable resources - Steel framing for basements is a great option
  4. Protect nature - Tree protection zones during construction, use responsibly managed resources.
  5. Eliminate toxins - Low chemical emission materials, responsible disposal of hazardous waste
  6. Apply life-cycle costing - High efficiency = energy savings
  7. Focus on quality - Better than code construction practices for more durable, longer-lasting renovations

The benefits to our customers include:

  • A long-lasting, durable renovation. The longer our renovations stay out of the landfill, the greater the benefits to the environment
  • Reduced energy usage
  • A healthier indoor environment
  • satisfaction from helping the environment 

     We believe that sustainability should extend to our relationships. You should feel comfortable enough to call your general contractor for all your home related needs.  We aim to establish long standing relationships with our customers and provide you with reliable, trustworthy service.